Toddington Rovers Track Trace

As a club we have been working with the FA towards providing a safe environment in which your children can safely enjoy football.  We have prepared the following document which details exactly what measures will be in place, please CLICK HERE to view.

Before your child can attend ANY football session you must read this document and then submit the form below to confirm your approval.  This must be completed for EACH FOOTBALL SESSION.

Your attention to this is greatly appreciated.


I have read and understood the Toddington Rovers Covid-19 Football Sessions Safety Document.

I agree Toddington Rovers have put in place robust and safe measures for training to take place which satisfy the current Government and FA guidelines.

I understand all the information above and agree that, although Toddington Rovers FC have taken the necessary precautions, any activity or training work is done at participants own risk.

I confirm that, at time of consent, child is showing no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and is fit and healthy to participate. (if this changes before training session please do not allow child to attend)

I understand that I must inform Toddington Rovers FC if child develops symptoms of COVID-19 after taking part in any training sessions.

The information received from your submission will be kept for a period of 21 days in accordance with the Governments guidelines.